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Moshe HOGEG – The Hollywood-Style Entrepreneur

The Israeli Moshe HOGEG is one of bestknown start-up entrepreneurs and investors in Tel Aviv. Together with the Georgian oligarch Kenges RAKISHEV, he is the founder of the investment firm SINGULARITEAM which is invested in IDC InvestDotcom Holding Ltd. The latter is famous for its domain More information on the companies and investments of Moshe HOGEG can be found here on FinTelegram.

In 2018, Moshe acquired the Jerusalem Football Club for $7.2 Million. He is a known soccer enthusiast and fan of Hapoel Be’er Sheva Football Club. Moshe managed to win the Argentinian soccer superstar Lionel MESSI as member for the club. The player was contracted as brand ambassador for SIRIN LABS, another company of HOGEG.

Hogeg drives expensive cars, and he allegedly has a personal assistant and two PR firms on the payroll – one for the Israeli market and one for the American. “He doesn’t waste time on modesty” as Haaretz pointed out.

The Russian billionaire Roman ABRAMOVICH is in among HOGEG’s investors as are celebrities such as are Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, Serena Williams, and Lance Armstrong.

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