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Michael LUCKOW – The German Shadow Entrepreneur

Michael LUCKOW is a German citizen living in Berlin. He is the co-founder and principal of ENVION AG which became famous as Europes largest failed ICO. Together with the former news anchorman Matthias WOESTMAN, LUCKOW successfully conducted a $100 Million ICO just to let it collapse a few weeks after closing. A Swiss court ordered the liquidation of ENVION AG in November 2018. Read the reports on ENVION AG here on FinTelegram.

Michael LUCKOW is a close partner of Martin LAURENT. Despite his youth, LUCKOW has an impressive track record as a startup entrepreneur. Some of his ventures failed and/or went bankrupt but he has managed to stay out of the line of fire. Actually, it was not disclosed in ENVION’s prospectus that LUCKOW and his company TRADO GmbH have been involved. In the course of the several court cases it turned out, however, the Michael LUCKOW was the mastermind behind the ENVION project and the ICO.

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