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Martin LAURENT – The Opera Singer In Crypto

The German Martin LAURENT is also a U.S. citizen and used to be an opera singer in his younger years. The became famous as the spokesman for the failed German-Swiss ICO of ENVION AG. He is a close friend of the German Michael LUCKOW who co-founded ENVION AG and orchastrated the ICO which raised some $100 million. Within just weeks after the ICO, ENVION AG collapsed leaving more than 30,000 investors with worthless tokens.

Martin LAURENT is a relentless fighter for his things. He is known for becoming rather oppressive when people do not agree with him let alone disagree. He tends to threaten opponents via anonymous emails and social media.

The picture shows him with the notorious ICO promotor and U.S. tech entrepreneur John MCAFEE (read the article on FinTelegram).

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