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Julian HOSP – The Flying Doctor

The Austrian physician Dr. Julian HOSP is an active entrepreneur. He has completed his training as a physician but does not practice this profession.

Julian HOSP worked for several years as a manager at the notorious Austrian MLM company LYONESS, where he was responsible for the Asian market. Allegedly he had 25,000 members there. In 2017 he moved to the crypto start-up TenX where he presented himself as on of the founders beside Toby HOENISCH. However, there are considerable doubts as to whether the Austrian doctor was actually the founder of this Austrian company. FinTelegram has reported on this in detail.

He lives with his wife in Singapore. Before his professional career at LYONESS, HOSP was a professional Skite-surfer. Today he lives from books, lectures and the exploitation of his brand Julian HOSP through his website.

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