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Eduard ORLOFF – The Austrian Czar Of Luxury

Eduard ORLOFF loves luxury and to present himself. The Russian-born Austrian is the founder of the luxury brand House of Orloff. In addition, ORLOFF tried its hand as a crypto entrepreneur between 2016 and 2018. Together with the Austrian Charli AHO and his son Daniil ORLOV, he worked for COINTED, which is now in Konkors. Many investors lost their money there. The public prosecutor’s offices in Switzerland and Austria are currently investigating the case.

Together with Charli AHO and Daniil ORLOV, he founded the SWISS CRYPTO GROUP AG in Switzerland in 2017, which now trades under the name SWISS CRYPTO NET AG. Investors have also filed charges against this company. The Swiss public prosecutor’s office is investigating. In Austria, Eduard ORLOFF cooperates with the investor and entrepreneur Roman SCHMATZER and distributes House of Orloff‘s luxury products. The business tends to be sluggish or even non-existent. According to the current status of the investigations, considerable funds were used by crypto investors from COINTED and SWISS CRYPTO NET AG for the House of Orloff.

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